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Creating a competitive advantage has never been more challenging. Competition, technology, compliance, customer expectations and a complex assortment of challenges face financial institutions today. Every challenge presents an opportunity to create new environments within your organization – casting aside traditional banking confines and ushering in a spirited business atmosphere. Leadership teams must face the need for this change in order to ensure the long-term viability of their institutions.

Cross Financial Group, founded in 1993 with a single focus on financial institutions, is an innovative, service-minded firm, committed to giving our clients a competitive edge. You do not need to be among the country’s largest financial organizations to incorporate the same sales, marketing and management practices that make those firms successful. Our clients have access to comprehensive and extensive strategic planning, research, sales and marketing management resources. We use these resources to analyze the marketplace and help our clients strategically pursue, plan and manage their opportunities.

Our work is results-oriented, motivated by client circumstances and therefore preceded by needs analysis. Our menu of offerings begins with goal-based planning to solidify the scope of every project. We then develop effective dialogues with appropriate segments of your organization to insure effective implementation. In simple terms, we refer to it as strategic thinking with an actionable process.
Innovation, imagination, perspective and experience are the underlying advantages that give these programs their results-oriented edge. A commitment to consistency and continuity give them the durability necessary for long-term success.
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