Market Research

Market Research


Whether you want to investigate your company’s reputation or consumer perceptions of primary competitors, there is a research methodology to gather the appropriate data. We can address your information needs with unique research tools customized to your expectations. Our skilled research professionals will help you balance project objectives, data collection expectations and research techniques to produce a management tool that optimizes your investment.
  • Brand Awareness
  • Top-of-Mind Assessments
  • Opinion Research
  • Product Utilization and Purchase Propensity
  • Demographic Profiles
  • Name and Brand Testing and Investigations 
  • Telephone and Online Surveys


Growing in popularity, focus groups provide you with first person ideas, assessments and opinions to shape and guide your decision-making. With resources available to deliver participant recruitment, meeting facilitation, data analysis and reporting, Cross Financial Group can make your next focus group a highly effective management resource.


Balancing customers, prospects and product possession can be of significant benefit to organizations directing their efforts toward customer retention and relationship growth. If your company needs help with customer segmentation to support focused business strategies, customer and market profiling might be the best first step. Proper data mining will improve business planning, opportunity assessments and direct marketing for your organization. Leveraging internal data resources can determine relationship potential and assess customer potential. Don’t let managing big data hold you back. We can provide assistance as you create demographic and relationship profiles for your trade area and customer base.
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